Mapping Services

GeoStructural’s mapping services department is headed by two licensed professional engineers who climb and inspect cellular towers and are also certified competent tower climber/rescuers.  Beyond the benefit of applying structural engineering to the field, this allows us to train our field personnel to accurately inspect tower structural members and gather the most pertinent information in support of structural analyses.

GeoStructural knows the importance of both safety and availability.  Our in-house field technicians undergo a rigorous training procedure and are required to uphold current certifications and training in the following programs: Competent Tower Climber/Rescuer, OSHA 10-hour General, CPR AED and First Aid, OSHA 29 Aerial Lift Operator and RF Radiation Safety.  We will not limit services based on variables such as tower height, type, location or geography and have successfully completed thousands of tower/mount/foundation structural mappings, inventories, audits and investigations.

The primary driver of GeoStructural’s mapping capabilities is our culture of engineering education.  We’ve no doubt that our mapping service products can supplant any other product available.  For an outline of our mapping services, please continue below:

  • Tower Structural Mapping – Monopole, Self Support, Guyed, Broadcast (AM/FM)
  • Special Cell Structural Mapping – Water Tower, Rooftop, Stealth/Concealment Structures
  • “Lift Site” Aerial Mapping
  • Antenna Mount Structural Mapping
  • Feedline & Appurtenance Audit Mapping
  • Foundation Mapping & Exploration – Sonic Wave Echo, Guy Anchor Shaft, Subsurface
  • Compound, Equipment, Site & Tower Audit
  • TIA Condition Assessment
  • Guyed Tower Plumb, Twist & Tension
  • Structural Modification Inspection
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Tower Lighting Maintenance & Repair
  • Compound Maintenance