Tower Structural Services

GeoStructural was founded by three licensed professional structural and civil engineers – each with a strong background in residential, commercial and industrial design – who saw a need in the telecommunications field for tower analysts and tower climbers who understood the structural complexity of the infrastructure.

Since its inception GeoStructural has performed many thousands of antenna-supporting structure and foundation analyses and modifications utilizing contemporary analysis software such as tnxTower, Solidworks, EnerCalc, the RISA suite, the PLS suite and our own privately-developed proprietary programs.  Our engineering staff ensures all analyses conform to requisite codes/standards (e.g. TIA 222-F/G, ASCE, AISC, IBC) and are conducted with precision and accuracy.  We have also contributed to the ANSI TR14 sub-committee in order to stay current on tower code changes and the upcoming ANSI/EIA/TIA-222-H revision.

At our core we aim to impress with our knowledge and our clients appreciate our structural service turnaround times, with 10 days as our benchmark.  We currently carry civil/structural engineering licensure in 37 states and are poised to provide any structural service.  Please see below for a sampling of what we do best:

  • Tower Structural Analysis – Monopole, Self Support, Guyed, Broadcast (AM/FM), Transmission
  • Special Cell Structural Analysis – Water Tower, Rooftop, Stealth/Concealment Structures
  • Antenna Mount Structural Analysis
  • Tower and Mount Overstress Remediation and Modification Design
  • 3rd Party Analysis Quality Review
  • Load Reduction Review
  • Foundation Design and Analysis
  • Site Risk Assessment
  • Guy Anchor Remediation and Modification
  • A&E Design Services & Drawings
  • Geotechnical Engineering