Engineering and Mapping Services

Structural and A&E Services

Structural and A&E Services

GeoStructural was founded by three licensed professional structural and civil engineers – each with a strong background in residential, commercial, and industrial design. They recognized a need in the telecom industry for tower analysts and field specialists who understood the structural complexity and infrastructure required in today’s wireless industry.

Make our structural and A&E services your best asset please see below for a sampling of what we do best:

  • Tower Structural Analysis – Monopole, Self Support, Guyed, Broadcast (AM/FM), Transmission
  • Special Cell Structural Analysis – Water Tower, Rooftop, Stealth/Concealment Structures
  • Antenna Mount Structural Analysis and TIA-5053 Mount Classification
  • Tower Foundation Design and Analysis
  • Tower Foundation and Guy Anchor Remediation and Modification
  • Tower and Mount Overstress Remediation and Modification Design
  • 3rd Party Quality and Load Reduction and Placement Reviews
  • Stealth Structure FRP Design and Detailing
  • Architectural and Engineering Services
  • Site Feasibility Walks and Lease Exhibits
  • Zoning, Construction, New Site Build, Generator Install Drawings
  • Geotechnical Investigation Reports and Engineering

Mapping Services

GeoStructural’s mapping services department is headed by four licensed professional engineers who climb and inspect cellular towers and are also certified competent tower climber/rescuers. Beyond the benefit of applying structural engineering to the field, this allows us to train our field personnel to accurately inspect tower structural members and gather the most pertinent information in support of structural analyses.

We’ve no doubt that our mapping service products can supplant any other product available

For an outline of our mapping services, please continue below:

  • Tower Structural Mapping – Monopole, Self Support, Guyed, Broadcast (AM/FM)
  • Special Cell Structural Mapping – Water Tower, Rooftop, Stealth/Concealment Structures
  • Antenna Mount Structural Mapping
  • “Lift Site” Aerial Mapping
  • Feedline & Appurtenance Audit Mapping
  • Foundation Mapping & Exploration – Sonic Wave Echo, Guy Anchor Shaft, Subsurface
  • Compound, Equipment, Site & Tower Audit
  • TIA Condition Assessment
  • Guyed Tower Plumb, Twist & Tension
  • Structural Modification "Post-MOD" Inspection
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Tower Lighting Maintenance & Repair
  • Compound Maintenance

Aerial Services

GeoStructural’s is proud to offer an sUAV (small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) aerial services division. The leader of the division is an in-house sUAV Pilot in Command (PIC) who spent four years in the Air Force as a computer operator during the Gulf War and is a licensed FAA-certified Sport Pilot. Our PIC has logged well over 1,000 hours of sUAV flight time and is also a Competent Tower Climber/Rescuer who has personally climbed hundreds of towers.

The sky is the limit for aerial servicesplease see below for examples:

  • Geo-referenced 3D point cloud and photogrammetry data gathering (up to 1/8” accuracy)
  • Scalable and measurable 3D PDF document
  • High-definition photo-stitched images create an interactive rotatable, zoom-able environment
  • 3D photo sims and site layouts for raw land, water tower, rooftop, etc.
  • Equipment room interior photo-stitched images
  • Land survey & mapping with topographic lines for Real Estate, Site Acquisition & Farming
  • Antenna centerline line-of-sight panorama & microwave path flash
  • Special Cell Aerial Mapping – Water Tower, Rooftop, Stealth/Concealment Structures
  • Stealth Tower (e.g., monopalm, monopine) appurtenance wind area mapping
  • Sensitive Site Aerial Observation & Mapping
  • Aerial Tower Distress Inventory Inspection & Condition Assessment
  • Tower Aerial Mapping – Monopole, Self Support, Guyed, Broadcast (AM/FM), Transmission
  • Antenna Mount Aerial Mapping
  • Feedline & Appurtenance Aerial Mapping
  • Site, Compound & Equipment Aerial Mapping
  • Aerial Mapping applications for wind turbines, power industry, oil & gas pipelines